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Davide Piotti (DavideP5690)

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Posted: February 13, 2019
Last activity: March 2, 2019

SMSC connection settings

Hi all,

we are trying to configure an outbound SMPP connection to an SMSC account but it gets refused. Pega is able to communicate to SMSC server but Pega connection gets refused with the following error:

Exception caught connecting to SMS server; ie.ncl.msg.ConnectionException: Cannot connect - Invalid password OR bind failed because bind limit has been exceeded Disconnected successfully from SMS server.

With an external system we found the correct list of SMPP parameters that work for binding the connection:

group = smsc

smsc = smpp

alt-charset = "UTF-8"

smsc-id = 7659

smsc-username = ****

smsc-password = *****

system-type = "smpp"

allowed-smsc-id = 7659

host = ****

port = 4001

transceiver-mode = 1

wait-ack = 30

my-number = 2719

dest-addr-ton = 0

dest-addr-npi = 1

source-addr-ton = 5

source-addr-npi = 0

address-range = *

bind-addr-ton = 1

We then tried to replicate the same set in Pega: some parameters have to be added in the "Additional settings" tab but if we do we get the error:

Not valid property name

The questiona are:

  1. is there a naming convention for SMPP properties to be added in the "Additional settings"?
  2. Looks like the "-" character is not supported by Pega and the traditional escaping codes do not work, how to escape that sign?

Thanks in advance

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