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SMTP Setting in Pega Marketing

Hi, I would like to ask how to configure the email account in our Pega Marketing.

I have just performed the implementation procedures, and configuring email accounts as shown in "Pega Marketing Implementation Guide 8.2" (Page 21).

Our server is settled in trusted segment of our network, so it doesn't allow to connect to the internet.

We need to use smtp server provided in the same segment, to configure our service.

For configuring the smtp server settings, our system admin shows only IP address and port number because it doesn't require authentication.

But in Pega Screen requires username and password. (Please see attached)

What should I put to these fields?

I also checked Exercise System of Pega Academy, and found the "Email Account:Smart Email Sample" has blank password field.

Is there any resort to configure email setting with password field blank?


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