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Snapstart URL not displaying Harness

I have a Snapstart URL which when clicked should display pyCaseWorker Portal.

This is what URL looks like:

Within the URL, I am passing in Portal Parameter like this: portalName=pyCaseWorker

When launched, I am seeing the screen but all I see is pyCaseWorker Portal, the outer Harness is not displaying at all:

Snapstart Initial Screen.PNG

This is what the screen looks like when launched via Developer Portal:

Launched Via Developer Portal.PNG

It is obvious that Harness is ignored when Snapstart external URL is used but I am not sure if this is by design or something is causing the Harness not to be picked up.

I can think of two things, this is by design and Snapstart only allows a limited functionality (trying to confirm at the moment, but I doubt it) or the Harness is not being picked up for some reason (more likely)

I have done the obvious and added harnessName as parameter but it is not making any difference.

Any pointers will be much appreciated.



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