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SOAP XML outgoing message auto converted


I have the following problem with SOAP XML message which is sent to the external system from Pega.

My SOAP connector uses XML message which is streamed in a activity and passed as a clipboard property to SOAP connect. Stream rule is configured in the way that it generates a self-closing node (<node/>) if there is nothing to be included inside.

And the problem, for some reason my message gets converted from <node/> to <node></node> somewhere during soap envelope creation in InvokeAxis2 activity.

What I did for testing - in InvokeAxis2 activity (Pega-IntegrationEngine:07-10-33) in step #13 around line 213 I logged value of 'paramVal' property and it contains the correct value of my message (<node/>).

When I log complete envelope message around line 330 (property soapEnvelope) I can see that my node is converted to <node></node>.

And the question here is, is there any DSS or other global setting which can impact such XML conversion?

This is happening in the Client's internal environment. I did a similar test in our clean lab system and all looks to be fine. So i presume that there must be some setting/DSS/hotfix which impacts this?

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