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Posted: 25 May 2021 12:56 EDT
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Some field on Create grid dynamically/Virtual report definition not editable

Hello all,

In Pega 8.4.4 Marketing application, I am modifying the Data management view to add a new section which has a table that would be dynamically sourced from a report definition. I can see my changes and it works fine, however when I try to edit the data in the column, some columns are appearing as readonly, whereas some columns are editable. There is no setting that I could find that defined if the columns in there would be readonly or editable

Confirmed the following:

  1. The field by themselves are editable, they can be modified on the OOTB section and on the Data types records page.
  2. The report definition used in OOTB section vs my custom section is same.
  3. I cant modify the OOTB section as it doesnt allow parameters and our business case requires parameters.
  4.  I tried adding a flow action sourced from a section and still same behavior
  5. The Table has Operation mode as Inline - Click to edit
  6. If I add the table columns manually instead of being "create grid dynamically", the same columns are editable and work fine.
  7. There is no condition on the report/column/properties that should make it readonly and they are not coming from a join.

Thank you for your help!

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