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Posted: March 23, 2020
Last activity: March 23, 2020

Space after reference rendered in HTML not fixed by pxDisplayText

I am having an issue with my correspondence rules when I include a property reference and the HTML is rendered, a non-breaking spaces gets added immediatly after the property value. This is an issue in salutations on correspondence emails. I have even verified in the clipboard that the .ContactName value does not have a trailing space.

I see that this has been an issue in the past according to the following support link which tell me to use a format attribute of "pxDisplayText".

I want the output to be:

John Doe,<br />

but the pega correspondence code of:

<pega:reference name=".ContactName" format="pxDisplayText"></pega:reference>,<br />

is rendering as:

John Doe&nbsp;,<br />

I know I can do something like create a data transform just before the email is sent and build the value I need and send that value into the correspondence, but that seems to be a lot of overhead for what should be according to the support link a pretty straight forward fix/resolution.

We are using PegaCloud 8.3.2. 

Before I open a service request ticket with Pega support, I wanted to check with the community to see if anyone else has had this issue with pxDisplayText not working as expected and if they have come up with a solution.

Thank you!

Pega Customer Service 8.2 User Experience Consumer Services Senior System Architect