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The Specified winHLLAPI function could not be found in WinHLLAPI dll

Not able to run the solution in runtime on test machine, package loading is completed but when tried to run the package its unable to launch mainframe/BosaNOVA emulator.

Solution is absolutely fine on the Prod/Dev machine, checked with loading the package in local runtime (openspanruntime.exe from Visual studio folder)

Robot is starting from the run time as well but not able to start Text Adapter from dll, To launch the text adapter/mainframe, i'm using BSHLL32.dll

Please check the error message, that's a rough translation of an example message given by mcafee in the windows logs. As you can see - the execution was approved by default, and there's no blockage (white listed).
All the mcafee events immediately following or preceding the execution of the dll or the runtime are phrased the same, no notion of blockage/ access issue.
I suspect that a dll is being injected or hooked by another process there, and it may be interfere with its performance. And also suggest me if i can Check whether there are any sdk, target packs absent on the runtime.
Please let me know your thoughts and suggest me how can i make this work in Runtime.
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