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Specifying when rule on load management of data page

What does it mean to have a when rule on load management tab of data page?

It conditionally reloads the data page correct? But when I specify a when rule on there it sometimes calls the when rule on reload of the data page and sometimes not. I'm wondering under what conditions upon reload of the data page does it check the when rule and when does it not?

Also when it does call the when rule what would the step page be? According to tracer it is the data page. But if the data page is a list the step page still seems to be the data page and not an individual page within it even though the applies to class of the when rule is the class of the individual pages. My when rule compares a property within each page of the list but it is not working. So I'm really quite confused how the when rule works when you specify it for a "list" data page.Can anyone shed some light on this? I'm using PRPC 8.1.2.

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