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Tirthendra Sanyal (TirthendraS)

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Posted: March 4, 2020
Last activity: March 13, 2020

Spinoff flow not executing in parallel


I have an activity that writes data to the database using RDB method. This activity is called in the last stage of my case type and have no functional impact on the case status. So I want it to be executed asynchronously.

Thus, in the last stage I used Subprocess shape with Spinoff checked to call a flow(subflow) which in turn uses utility to call the activity. I have put a delay 5 seconds in the DB procedure to see if the process is executed asynchronously then the whole elapsed time should not include the 5 seconds. But when I am testing, the elapsed time is coming more than 5 seconds which means it is not executing the subflow asynchronously.

Please advice if there is any configuration that needs to be done for the spin off to be executed asynchronously. Any help in this matter is highly appreciated.

I am using Pega 8.2.2 on Oracle weblogic 12c.

Thanks and regards,

Tirthendra Sanyal 

Pega Platform 8.2.2 Enterprise Application Development Dev/Designer Studio Financial Services System Architect