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Posted: October 17, 2017
Last activity: October 18, 2017

Split-join not processing splitted flows in parallel

i have two tasks to complete 1. System task consisting of calling series of API's and 2. User task of completing an assignment. we figured out that these two tasks can be done in parallel i.e. while user is working on a manual task and complete the assignment, i want system to utilize that time and work on the system task (i.e. doing integrations etc.).

Once both system and user task completes we can resume with next step. I've tried using the "Split-Join" but i'm facing one issue and not sure if there is an explnation for that behaviour

We have two flows - Flow A calling an assignment and Flow B calling a utility. We cconfigrued these two flows in Split join and set joining all

What happens is that Flow A gets called and worklist assignment is created (but UI not prsented) and then it goes to Flow B and calls that utility which takes time to execute. we were expecting that while utility was executing user should also must be working to get a true sense of parrallism..

Please explain if this is not expected with Split-join.

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