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SQLServerExceptions and Productions JVM crash down.

Hi Team,

Please find our environment stack below.

PRPC : 731, Tomcat : 8.5.13 and SQL Server

Out of 30 JVM's only few of them crashes down with the below mentioned errors.Nothing suspicious in the DB and Windows Event logs.

PFB for the Tomcat Connection pool settings.

<Resource maxWaitMillis="10000" maxIdle="30" maxTotal="100" password="ABCD" username="ABCD" url="jdbc:sqlserver://ABCD\PEGA;databaseName=ABCD;SelectMethod=cursor;SendStringParametersAsUnicode=false" driverClassName="" type="javax.sql.DataSource" auth="Container" factory="dbencryption.EncryptedDataSourceFactory" name="jdbc/PegaRULES"/>

Any suggestions please.


7/2/18 1:52:17.000 PM 2018-07-02 13:52:17,612 [.140.80-8887-exec-12] [TABTHREAD1] [ ] [mCSNCCSuper:01.01.01] ( internal.access.Lister) ERROR|xx.xx.xx.xx AF28038 - There was a problem with the database when getting a Database-General Problem encountered when getting connection for database pegadata 0 The connection is closed.DatabaseException caused by prior exception: The connection is closed. | SQL Code: 0 | SQL State: null at ~[prprivate.jar:?] at ~[prprivate.jar:?] at ~[prprivate.jar:?] at ~[prprivate.jar:?] at ~[prprivate.jar:?] at ~[prprivate.jar:?] at ~[prprivate.jar:?] at ~[prprivate.jar:?] at ~[prprivate.jar:?] at

Tomcat logs :

Tomcat below first error in logs shown SQL connection is closed while reading PR_ENGINE_JARS file from PEGA_RULES data source.

SQLException from datasource while checking for package = org/apache/http/client/( PR_ENGINE_JARS) The connection is closed.

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