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Posted: January 16, 2018
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SSA 7.2 course content - exercise - Configuring a Cascading Approval Process

This question is related to the below excercise from SSA 7.2 course content

Exercise: Configuring a Cascading Approval Process

Expand the 'Show Exercise Steps'


'Stage 4. Offer' has steps:
1. Determine Compensation
2. Manager Approval
3. Additional Approvals

Step 2 ensures the case always goes to the Manager for approval

Look at the note related to Step 3
"Any case that reaches this approval shape is routed to the manager for review. The case cascades to the director if the USD80,000 threshold is reached or exceeded, and to the VP (the director's manager) if the USD120,000 threshold is reached or exceeded."

Does that mean Step 3 too routes to Manager for approval? (Step 2 already does that !!!)

Q2) For Step 3, cascading approval

WHEN rules:
DirectorApproval - Offered salary >= 80000
VP Approval - Offered salary >= 120000

The cascading shape has Approval level "Custom"
(When => Levels)
VPApproval => 3
Director Approval => 2

Now, does this cascading logic stops evaluating (top to bottom) the above WHEN rules when the first WHEN rule is true
or does it evaluate all WHEN rules regardless?

If VPApproval is true, does it go to the 3rd level directly for approval, or does it go though all levels up beginning from 1st until 3rd is reached?
In other words, if Level=3, does it go to level 1, 2 and 3 for approval or does it go to level 3 only and directly?

If VPApproval is true and approval goes to all levels until 3rd, then wouldn't DirectorApproval (then next WHEN rule) repeat for levels 1 and 2? (This won't be an issue unless the cascading logic stops after the first WHEN condition is met)

If VPApproval only goes to level 3, then isn't it going to level 3 first before DirectorApproval for level 2 has been met yet? In this case VP gets approval assignment even though the Director maynot have approved yet?

Screenshot attached

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