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SSAE 7.1 Circumstancing question 5 explanation


Rule Resolution is a very tough topic. I am not able to understand the rationale behind the answer for question 5 in the Circumstancing topic. Please help me. Thank you.

Here is the question:

Assuming all other factors are the same, which of the following “VacationDays” rules would be chosen by rule resolution, when .Country = Spain and “HRApp:01-01-05” is in the ruleset stack? (Choose One)
Rule = VacationDays (not circumstanced; “Base Rule” checked), RuleSet = HRApp:01-01-02
Rule = VacationDays (.Country = Spain), RuleSet = HRApp:01-01-01
Rule = VacationDays (.Country = Spain), RuleSet = HRApp:01-01-03
Rule = VacationDays (not circumstanced; “Base Rule” unchecked), RuleSet = HRApp:01-01-01
Rule = VacationDays (not circumstanced; “Base Rule” unchecked), RuleSet = HRApp:01-01-04
​As per PDN answer is 3rd option.
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