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Maurice Boer (MAURICEBOER)
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Nationale Nederlanden
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Nationale Nederlanden
Posted: October 2, 2020
Last activity: October 9, 2020

SSO Azure 2 JVMs one database


I have setup 2 difference configurations items in Azure to be able to SSO to Pega (7.2.2.) So far so good. We have Pega installed on the Websphere platform and we have 1 database en 2 JVMs.

SSO is working fine, but I have the problem that I can connect from one JVM to the other. To be more clear:

We are using sso1 (so SAMLAuth1) for the first and we are using we are using sso2 (so SAMLAuth2) for the 2nd JVM. The restriction to the 2nd is limited (for that reason we have 2 Authentication services and 2 Azure AD instances. 

The problem is that I can use the SSO1 servlet on the 2nd JVM (and visa versa). I already updated the web.xml so all references were deleted on the web.xml on the 2nd JVM for SSO1. 

Any clue why this is not working?

Regards, Maurice Boer


Pega Platform 7.2.2