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Rob Jago (Rob_Jago)
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Posted: May 7, 2020
Last activity: May 8, 2020

Starting a skin from a custom set of CSS files


Pega Platform 8.x

I have heard individuals speak of this but have no concrete example to work from/with.

I am building a Pega application.  A CSS guru has created multiple CSS' for me to use and save me from having to build/modify the Pega skin structures.  It's not that I don't want to do the work in Pega skin configurations but this CSS guru can make changes faster than me.  So, I want to leverage that.


1. How can I make this CSS list the parent skin within Pega?

2. If I have to use a Pega skin as a parent skin and then use my application skin with the CSS' as included styles, what is the most minimal OOTB Pega skin to use to minimize the deletion/override of the OOTB styles ?

3. As I am still learning Pega Skins/CSS, are there any other options that I am not aware of to solve this problem?


In all of these options, I want to be able to select the style(s) for the CSS' definitions within the UI control presentation tab;  for ex.    Instead of selecting strong, we may want to select primary  (as primary is defined within the custom CSS')


thank you,


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