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step 7 does not have the Approval Rejection option in To drop down

This is from Exercise: Configuring a case type.

In this course steps, I was trying to follow the steps 7 and 8 and the step 7 does not have the Approval Rejection option in To drop down. It has validation, resolved etc. i am attaching the screen shot.

Add an approval step to the Validation stage

  1. On the Validation stage, click the Stage menu and select Add process > New process to add a process to the Validation stage.
  2. Change the name of the process to Validate request.
  3. On the Validate request process, click + STEP > Approve/Reject to add to the process an approve/reject step.
  4. In the empty field, enter Validate request to name the step.
  5. In the contextual properties panel on the right, click the Flow tab to configure the outcomes for the shape.
  6. Under If REJECTED then, from the drop-down list, select Change stage. The To drop-down is displayed in the contextual properties panel.
  7. From the To drop-down, select Approval Rejection to move the case to the Approval Rejection stage if the user rejects the case.
  8. In the Set status field, enter or select Stopped to change the case status when the case is rejected.
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