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Steps for Pega Upgrade & DB migration (oracle to Postgre)

Hello there, 

This is regarding Upgrade & DB migration (Vendor change).

We have a requirement to migrate from Oracle 12c to Postgre 11 while upgrading from v7.3 to v8.5 for an on premise application.

Based on this below link, i assume the migrate.bat or ./ script takes care of upgrading the tables only if the target DB vendor is same as source DB vendor (ex: Oracle to Oracle). Can someone please confirm this?

Also, what are the sequence of steps to be followed for upgrade & migration with below requirements?

is there a recommended data migration tool from Pega to be used for this?


Note: This is 24*7 application which is not allowed for more than 4 hrs of downtime.

1. Upgrade platform from v7.3 to v8.5

2. move/migrate from Oracle 12c to Postgre11 with size of 4TB




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