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Paulina Velez (apvelez)
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Posted: February 11, 2021
Last activity: February 11, 2021

StepStatusFail does not work

aI have created a series of activities:

Activity1 calls Activity2, and Activity2 calls Activity3

In each 'JUMP' step after calling the corresponding activity I have added a condition like this:

     StepStatusFail  --> Jump to later step (target step is define as ERR).

I also have filled the Exception box of the Jump with ERR label to jump to that step on exception.

To test each activity is capturing the error, I created a condition that forces an error:

Property-Set   Param.Test = PageList(Param.Index)  -- Param.Index is left blank on purpose to force an error.

When I run the application expecting to have captured all the messages via StepStatusFail, I can see in the tracer where the step is failing and the 'Status' column in tracer is set to FAIL.

The problem is that none of my checks for StepStatusFail are being triggered, the application simply continues to exit each method without evaluating the conditions created to capture any errors.

I have also tried to capture errors from the Primary page @(Pega-RULES:Default).hasMessages(pyWorkPage) and re-directing the output to the ERR step and that is also not working.

What am I doing wrong? How can you capture any errors and exit the program gracefully?

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