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Posted: April 12, 2019
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Subscribe to Kafka Messages using Data Set / Data Flows


In Pega 7.4, I am trying subscribe to Kafka messages and store it in db table, I have created Instance of Kafka Cluster - Test connectivity success. Created Data Set of type Kafka - Configured to use the Kafka Cluster and Topic - Connectivity success.

However I am facing below issues :

1. While invoke Data set execute method in activity - I am able to read messages - however every time I read I am getting same messages, unable to use the stream position and read next set of records. I do not see the option of Advanced - "Read from beginning" in Data set - Is it default in Pega 7.4 ?

2. I configured Data flow - "Data set" as Source and "Activity to store the records into db table" as Destination. When I run the Data flow, I see zero records processed. Not receiving any messages.

Please help.



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