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Suggest feasibility of SAML web single sign-on implementation for the specific requirement

We have a requirement to implement SSO using SAML authentication. PRPC application will not directly with IDP to receive SAML2.0 token. Client has their own inhouse SSO service that will facilitate handshaking between IDP and PRPC application. We are using PEGA 722, hence was wondering if we can leverage OOTB "SAML web single sign-on" feature. Please suggest if this OOTB "SAML web single sign-on" can be used in lieu of this specific requirement.

Please find below details requirement:
On a high level below systems are involved in this SSO implementatio.

1) Calling Application - there will be a link embedded to initiate the SSO call
2) SSO Service - receives http request (with relevant params) from calling application. This service sends request to another service to receive the SAML2.0 token. Then this SSO service will make a call to PRPC application and pass on the SAML2.0 token via http post request.
3)PRPC application - User should be preseneted with default dashboard view in a new window.

Question is - in the above scenario can we make use of OOTB "SAML web single sign-on" feature?

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