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Summarize Repeating Grid with Filters Applied

We have a requirement to display summaries of columns in a repeating grid layout. We are displaying rows that have been returned by a SOAP service. When filters are applied on the columns, we want the summaries to be updated. It seems there is not a very straightforward way to do this, because the application of filters does not alter the data page we are displaying.

What I have found is that we can use the activity pyPostGridUpdate (param.gridAction = “FILTER”) to "catch" a grid filter update and execute an activity. However, to calculate the summaries of the columns we have to re-apply the filters programmatically, because there is no option to loop through only the filtered results displayed on the UI.

So, my question: is there a way to loop through only the rows displayed on the repeat grid after a filter has been applied? I want to make sure this is not possible, before I try to recalculate the result based on selected filters by extracting the selected filters from pyFilterCriteria and then loop through my pxResults page to find matches and summarize. That solution seems awfully cumbersome.

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