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Support for PDFBOX library

We have a requirement to password-protect PDF file. We referred to the post - As mentioned in the post, we are planning to use PDFBOX library to achieve this. In PEGA 7.3.1, it looks like the library is not wrapped by PEGA. The code com.pega.apache.pdfbox.* does not work where as the code org.apache.pdfbox.* works.

Question to PEGA product team:

1. Is the library supported by PEGA? If we move the application to production and the functionality does not work / we identify a bug, can we raise an SR with PEGA asking for a fix?

2. Does PEGA plan to wrap the library with com.pega.apache.pdfbox.* for 7.3.1 or later versions? Please provide background on why PEGA stopped wrapping the library in 7.3.1.

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