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Switch Application loads the screen with a distorted unresponsive UI


We have created a new portal(P1) and harness(H1 and H2) in our application.

P1 references H1. H1 references H2 through dynamic container section. Dashboard header is part of H2 as we do not want the header to be displayed on all the screens. Within the header we have included the OOTB menu to switch apps. Also, pxCaseMgrheader text file has been included within the harness H2. After all this changes, when we click on swich application, the screen is loaded with a distorted UI and is read only, we have to log out and login in order to access the portal.

When we try to add the header in H1 and try the switch application functionality, it works as expected. But we cannot include the header in H1 as per our requirement. We are using Pega 8.1.

User Interface
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