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Switch vs Signal components


We have a scenario in a WEB application that we don't know what is the best approach to address it. After calling an external service, we need to go automatically to a different screen depending on the response. We are discussing a lot and we have two options, but we don't agree any of them:

  • Signal component

From documentation: "Signals can be used in all solutions to control execution flow when multiple threads occur during the course of an automation"

I think this is not the case, because we are just moving to different screens, so we really have only one thread, right?

  • Switch component

From the documentation: "The Switch component allows conditional logic for the execution of automation events. For example, use this Switch to trigger specific events based on the index of the toolbar button selected"

I prefer this solution, we just need to choose the next screen after a condition, in this case the service response, right?

What is your opinion? Thanks in advance!


José Luis.

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