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Posted: May 3, 2021
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Posted: 3 May 2021 3:18 EDT
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Switching flowaction after edit unsaved changes will close the case

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Configure an assignment with primary and secondary flow actions
  2. Change a field in the primary flowaction (set a property value)
  3. Switch to the secondary flow action. The Dialog Unsaved changes is shown.
    1. Cancel will show the primary flowaction. This is Okay.
    2. Save will save the changes and closes the case. secondary Flow action is not shown.
    3. Discard wil discard the changes but also closes and does not start the secondary flow action.  

We want to use the secondary flow action to send the case to a withdrawn stage with a dialog (section) the user has to give a reason for withdraw. a. is this a bug?

b. is there a work around?

c. is there a way not to show the unsaved dialog. (without pressing save or discard)


Pega Platform 8.4.4 Case Management Senior System Architect