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System Architect Essentials 7.3 - Exercise System not showing labs through Unit 4

Hi, I've been taking SAE v7.3/v7.4 online training. I stopped at unit 5 to complete the SA training for my role. So, I wasn't surprised that the labs were gone the first time. However, I spent yesterday redoing all the labs through unit 4. The Onboarding/BenefitsEnrollment cases were complete and working as of yesterday. When I went to do 1st exercise in unit 5 this morning, the cases were back to course beginning with no case lifecycle or data model. Can I get my lab data back? Do I need to create a Pega Request for this issue and if so, what do I put it under to get it to appropriate resource?

I don't want to waste time to redo labs for a 3rd time, but if I have to, is it possible to create a private RAP file to save from exercise system and then load it back when I continue to get around losing my place every time I log out. I'm logging in with the author.hrapps account with rules as suggested in the lab.

Thank you for any advice,


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