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Posted: April 1, 2019
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System Architect Essentials (8) Capstone exercise - Unable to get some field edits and screen formatting to work

This is actually for System Architect Essentials version 8, not 7.2. Version 8 isn't in the drop down list yet.

I can't find where to do the following items for the capstone exercise, or they don't work as advertised. Has anyone been able to get them to work yet?

US-107: As a customer, I want to make sure I provide the correct and required customer information so that I can ensure my rental reservation information is accurate.

All but the following works as specified.

  • Add the following validation to the Collect Customer Information step:
    • Password field must be at least eight characters long Does not work at all.
    • Customer must be at least 25 years of age as of today Does not work at all.
  • Cannot figure out how to do the following:
    • In Dev Studio, open the section for the Collect Customer Information step. Access the cell properties of each field to configure required and minimum length settings. Did this differently. Required attributes worked, minimum length did not.
    • On the Expiration Date and Date of Birth properties apply the IsFutureDate and NotFutureDate edit validate rules respectively Did this differently. It results in the same functionality; cannot find these rules in any list.
    • Use the following date function in a validation rule to check for customer age:
    • @DateTimeDifference([DateofBirthProperty]+"T000000.000 GMT",@(Pega-RULES:DateTime).CurrentDateTime(),"Y")<25 Cannot figure out how to do this at all; cannot find where to configure this.

US-108: As a New Accounts Representative, I want to be able to approve or reject new accounts based on the driver license information of the applicant, so that approved customers have a valid driver license.

  • Configure a view to display the Collect Customer Information step as read-only. Works as specified, except for one detail: Cannot get the password field to be masked, despite the fact that it is masked in the read/write version and I am using the exact same view except for the read-only attribute. The checkbox to obfusticate the field is checked, but it doesn't do it.
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