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Posted: May 4, 2019
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System Architect Essentials 8 Issues

I've tried everything but cannot login to the Exercise System for the System Architect Essentials 8 course for the first exercise which is Chapter 8 - Case Management, using author_cm@gogoroad / rules Keep seeing

"Waiting for" and then finally it will error out asking me to contact System Administrator. It takes a really reall long time, several minutes before it gives up and then says "Contact your System Administrator". Having this issue for past 2 days. I've tried all Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox on Windows and Mac, FWIW.

Can someone please fix?

Some information that might help. The login screen has following at the bottom

"Tenant name: P_RES_C1225Ex54AM_641Pega 8.1.3 Copyright © 2001-2019 Pegasystems Inc. All rights reserved. Pegasystems®"

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