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Posted: April 1, 2020
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System Architect Essentials: (v 8.1): The exercise system not in sync with documentation

I have been looking into the System Architect Essentials: (v 8.1) exercise. There are multiple steps where I find that I cannot do the step mentioned as the controls/menus mentioned in the System Architect Essentials: (v 8.1) exercise do not match controls in the exercise system.

For example, in "Validating a flow action with a validate rule" topic, in 'Create Validate Rule' step it says "Validating a flow action with a validate rule"


"In the App Studio, right-click the case type in which you want to create the validate rule." and "Select Create > Process > Validate to open a Create Validate form.". When I right click on App Studio, I dont see any Create menu. I see a drop menu with options 'Delete Case Types' and 'Delete Cases'.  What am I doing wrong? or is it that the exercise instance is a later version than the documentation?


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