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Nemi_RBS Chennai (Nemi_RBS)
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Posted: January 22, 2020
Last activity: January 23, 2020

System Operations - Requestor Pools - Information on timeout value

Summary: During investigation of Service Time out issue, we are looking for the number of service timeouts occured with respect to the service and node. The Requestor Pools landing page provide details about Timeout count. Unfortunately there is no information saying that timeout count is between the timeframe of x to y.


  • How the timeout value is displayed in the "Requestor pool details" section (i.e. How it is calculated).
  • Timeout means, PEGA Service responded with fault message as "Connection could not be established"?
  • If timeout count is "15". Does it means that, from JVM start time the service package experienced 15 timeouts?

Navigation to Requestor Pool details:

Designer Studio -> System -> Operations -> Requestor Pools -> Filter the Service package -> Click "View Details"

Platform Version: PEGA 7.3.1

FYI: I have attached the screenshot.

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