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Posted: March 15, 2016
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SystemPulse does not work on 717 (upgraded from 6.3)

Hi there,

My client was on PRPC 6.3 last year and moved to to 717.  I noticed that two tables with triggers used to update pr_sys_updatescache.

Question  - does the triggers still used for SystemPulse update?, I have seen a discussion somewhere that it is not used. if

1. dbo.pr4_rule has 3 triggers (trpr4_rule, trp4_rule_vw_del, trp4_vw_upd) - the triggers in dbo has no schema prefix - insert into pr_sys_updatescache

2. rules.pr4_rule also has the tree triggers (but the insert has schema "rules" prefix ie. insert into rules.pr_sys_updatescache

I think 717 upgrade back then also introduced split schema - I notice no new rules in dbo.pr4_rule_vw but most recent rules with pyCreateDatetime are in rules.pr4_rule_vw

1. I can see the dbo.pr_sys_updatescache table has the most recent rules... 

2. the SystemPulse agent is running on both nodes

3. the Pulse Status also shows the same activities in the last 1 hour seen by botn nodes.

What should I check to see why the both nodes are not in synch?



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