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Table OOTB "Optimize Code" functionality causing issues

I have a requirement for the business to be able to hide/unhide columns by the user. Using the Pega OOTB functionality, I am able to achieve this by checking the "optimize code" check box, followed by "personalize table" checkboxes. When I check these boxes it causes 2 issues. !. Compare my dynamic layout image with the actual table in the UI. As you can see on my dynamic layout the 3 header sections are no where to be seen in the UI, but they are in the dynamic layout. Problem 2: After selecting the apply button (not pictured) in the modal dialogue that pops up when a user clicks the "customize table" button it hides a large portion of the embedded icons that I am using under the status column. What is more curious, is that after clicking apply twice, it actually hides ALL of the icons on the page. Upon refresh of the whole page, the icons reappear, and the setting selected under the customize table modal have been saved.

TLDR Adding personalization to the table is causing issues hiding/moving different elements in the UI.

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