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Posted: September 6, 2018
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Taking User Input from Table(Dynamic Repeating Grid) control in section 7.4

Problem Statement: I am trying to take multiple inputs at run time in form, from Table control in section in Pega version 7.4.


1) I have created a data class : TGB-HRApps-Data-Dependents

2) I have created three properties in it. (Item name, Item Quantity, Item ID)

3) I have created a Page list type property in my work class: TGB-HRApps-Work-BenefitsEnrollement with Page definition of class TGB-HRApps-Data-Dependents.

4) I have created a section AddItems in Work class ABC-BPM-Work-Sales .

5) In above section i have dragged a Table control from Layout pallete which comes under Row/List based layouts. This table control comes with default Add and Delete buttons on top.

6) In this table control I have defined data source as Property and in List/Group filed i have given my pagelist property DependentPL. Now i have dragged two text input field from pallete for which i have mentioned the property pyFirstName and pyLastName.

7) When i create a work object and at run time when this section is rendered and when i click the default add icon nothing gets added to my Page list.

While this implementation works perfectly fine in 7.1.8 , can someone help me about how to implement this in 7.4

Please find attached screen shots

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