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Technical difference between Manager portal and Worker portal

How case manager and case worker portals work so differently even though they looks so similar. My application uses both the portals. I had a requirement to put few new link in the left navigation pane. It should be common for both the portals . Strangely some work fine in both the portals while some work fine in one but not in the other.

The most strange behaviour I saw on case worker portal was that, on click of a link in navigation pane I opened a harness. Within harness there was a section which has a link to open a modal window. In worker portal the modal was not popping up. Instead showing the busy indicator. But in manager portal same link was working perfectly fine.

I noticed in manager portal, each link in the navigation is creating a new thread when clickef but in worker portal only a single thread exists and get overriden on subsequent clicks.

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