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Temporary case only if not a child case

We are on Pega Platform 8.2.2

The case type settings allow the case to be created as temporary and saved later if 'Persist' shape is reached.

However, there is no setting that can conditionally create the temporary case only if this case type is not initiated as child case.

Consider a case 'B' can be created as top-level case or as a child case of another case, say 'A'.

If case B is set as 'Temporary case', then this configuration will work great as long as this case is created as top level case. When a parent case A created the child case B, then the child case B will not show up in anyone's worklist/workqueue because it is defined as a temporary case and not persisted.

Expected: In the App Studio, In the case type Settings -> General -> Behavior, the checkbox "Create temporary case that is not saved until a 'Persist case' step is reached", when checked, should have an additional option like "Create temporary case only if not a child case".


Workaround: For a case type that is defined as a temporary case, what is the woraround to create this case as a non-temporary case if created as a child case?




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