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Posted: November 19, 2020
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Temporary Child Case - What a need to check ?

I'm working on version 7.3 and I have a situation where I would like to share and see some suggestions.

I have a situation where I have a case that it must have the following behaviors:

1 - When it is created as a main case, it must be temporary and only be persisted after having filled in information.

2 - It can be created as a child case, however, it must generate the case number for the parent case.

I made a configuration where pyStartCase is configured as temporary.

When it is created, I put a condition that checks if the pxCoverInsKey property exists, if so, it persists in the case, otherwise it is only persisted when the user places information.

In the situation I have, there are times when the parent case creates the child that is configured as temporary and the flow works correctly, generating the number and getting the correct link between Parent Case ID and Child Case ID.

In other situations, the parent case tries to create the child, but the child id is not generated, as if it were lost in the management of the queue of the handle for dependency between flows.

What should I evaluate in this situation?

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