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Posted: September 12, 2019
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Test Harness not starting Processes


I need help to solve why i can not run an automation from Test Harness.

I am running Pega Robotic Studio version 19.1 and the .NET framework of my Projects is 4.6.1.

I have added the TestHarness component to the Toolbox and then dragged it into the Global Container. The Test Harness Project is the StartUpProject and it has a reference to the other project and to the testharness dll. There is one automation in the Test Harness project that triggers on the AllProjectsStarted Event and starts the TestHarness component.

I have tested the automation through events and they work successfully, and the Test Harness component launches at the beginning of the Solution building.

The problem comes when i attempt to launch an automation that has an Execute entry and exit points. When i attempt to test those automations and launch them from TestHarness the launch button get grayed out as if that automation launches but it does not even hit the breakpoint right after the Execute block instead the solution just freezes and nothing happens.

I have tried clean and rebuilding that automation and have checked the version that references make sure that they are all correct.

Any suggestions would be great thank you for the assistance.

Thanks, Randy

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