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Posted: February 24, 2021
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Testing Case Types

I am running into issues while attempting to automate testing of Case Types.

First of all, creating Test Cases for stages and flow rules in a Case Type seem to only be possible for Create stages. Discussions I have read for testing downstream stages and or flow rules is to create a new test case and the Case Type level, and have the recorder run starting at the very beginning until the portion of the Case Type -- the particular stage, step, or flow you are interested in testing. The issue I am running into is that when a stage transition involves work item to a different work queue, the recorder "breaks"; that is, once the original submitter  submits a request, the system displays a message saying "Thank you for the request" and then the request is routed to a Case Worker work queue for review and approval. But in order to follow to that stage I either have to click "Refresh" or "Change Stage" from the navigation bar, and at this point I lose the recorder: both the orange border and orange window in the bottom right corner that says "Recording....." and containes a button that says "Create test case" disappear and are unrecoverable, effectively rendering it impossible to create a test case that travels any further than the original submission.

I have attempted to work around this by using the "Automation Recorder" at the portal level, but in Pega 8.1 this recorder seems unequal to the task. It seems to become bogged down and confused before I am even done with the request submittal stage, missing steps in the recording process, especially when it comes to data typed into fields by the user. Often I will click on a control, enter data, and move on to the next, only for the Recorder to pane to show a "Verify" rather than an "Enter". When I click the gear to observe or edit the step, I see that the "click" event is displayed, but not the "change" event, and there is no way to add this event. Once the recorder misses one of the steps it doesn't seem to recover and misses many of the subsequent steps. And there is no way to add new steps manually or add events to those steps even if I could.

So all of that is to say, is there any way to actually do high level testing of Case Type processes?

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