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Testing Encryption

My customer wants to encrypt a bunch of fields (and not the whole blob). We found a lot of help on mesh which we followed  ->

and How to encrypt at filed level?

We got stuck on the "Compile and Load" step for which we opened a SR and GCS engineer Ankur Das was able to help us out!

Now, we are wondering about a couple of things -

  1. How to test it whether a field is really encrypted? 'Cause I'm guessing the field will be unenrypted when it shows up on the clipboard? I can probably expose the field and see the value in the DB if it is encrypted but we don't want to expose this column.
  2. The bigger question is - this application is already in production and these fields are in clear text for existing cases in production. How do we go back and encrypt these fields in existing cases in production?
    1. At first I thought - write an activity which would simply do obj-open and commit. But I'm thinking the obj-open step might break since the same field (i.e. SSN) was of type Text and now it is TextEncrypted. So, it might throw a run time error.

Has anyone done this before?

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