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Posted: September 21, 2018
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Text-Analyzer- Taxonomy missing errors on Email Channel-Interface [Smart Investigation framework]

Hi Team

Issue-1 While Saving the newly creating “Email Interface” , its getting saved. But in back ground showing errors as “TextAnalyzer”(default created) not exists. PFA word document. Because of this Interface getting SAVED but some functionalities such as creation of cases not happening.

to elaborate more in detail, Under the following activity, at Step-3, we do not getting “Taxonomy related-RuleName and Language”.

We keeping Categories under “Text Analyzer” tab, even then this not getting fixed out. We want to know from where the taxonomy details being fetched to the Email Interface, while its by default creating the “Text Analyzer” name of its own.

  • While opening the already created “Email Channel” too we getting the missing “Text Analyzer” of the Pega defaultly created Text Analyzer as follows

Unable to open an instance using the given inputs: pxObjClass = "Rule-NLP-PredictiveModel", pyClassName = "Work-Channel-Triage-Email", pyPurpose = "SmartInvestigateForPayments_Sample0334108c55c4445a8bf8800ccce2751f"

Please find attached word document.

Summarizing, at creation of Email Channel itself, Taxonomy (related to Text Analyzer) details not getting updated in background. Because of this Case Creation functionality failing. Also attached email result-during Case creation

Image removed.

We found this link in PDN related to Taxonomy,

While we placing "Text-Analyzer" in Category of Email Inetrface too, Taxonomy details getting missed.



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