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Posted: August 23, 2019
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Is there a Busy Indicator in Pega 8.1?

I have a situation where users do not wait long enough for a part of the screen to reload and show the file that they just uploaded, so they upload it again. Later they discover that they uploaded the file multiple times. Telling them to be patient is not helping. In their part of the world "fibre" is something you have to make sure is a sufficient part of your diet. So network speeds are low.

I wanted to show a busy indicator while the applicable part of the screen is refreshing, but I've had no luck. There are many posts about using a busy indicator and even a support video, but nothing works. There is no documentation available for pega.u.d.setBusyIndicator either, which leads me to believe that Pega is discouraging people from using it. If this is the case, then please provide an OOTB alternative for this which we can use to solve real-world problems.

I'm attaching a screenshot. Maybe someone can spot a mistake I made?

Can anybody comment on this or provide assistance, please?

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