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Is there an easy way to call a flow from many other flows?

There is a standalone workflow say Flow A. There are many other workflows like Flow B,C,D,E. Is there any easy way to call the Flow A in all other Flows B,C,D,E without manually including the Flow A in those individual workflows?
Options tried(Attached the document):
1) Manually including the workflows. There are around 50 workflows where we need to manually add the Flow A. Hence this is not a feasible solution.
2) Ticket - But this is not working because ticket cannot be used to call from a different workflow.Hence this is not a feasible solution.
3) Calling a Flow in Modal Dialog on click of intents.We do not want to open the flow in a modal dialog. Hence this is not a feasible solution.
4) Calling script from a common activity. This is not working as the script is placed in the Interaction header and it will be invoked every time when interaction header is refreshed.
5) Calling Flow-New method from a common Activity : This is not working when there are assignments in the Flow A.
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