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Jarrett Clark (Jarrett)
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Posted: October 7, 2020
Last activity: October 8, 2020

Is there a way to automatically generate dynamic error messages?

I want to return an error message to my Pega case whenever an error occurs in my robotic automation. Right now, I manually write an error message for each failure point. I developed a standard message format like...

An error occurred in AB_P_StartApplication. The property AB.IsRunning was equal to False.

I realized this is fairly similar to the messages in the RuntimeLog.txt file. In production, however, I have logging disabled for security reasons.

Is there a "virtual" runtime log that is always running that I can read from? It'd greatly reduce my development time if I could automatically generate error messages, or retrieve the last line in the runtime log instead of writing out error messages for every failure point in my automation.

It doesn't necessary need to be the last line of the runtime log. I want to automatically generate a message for the last event that occurred. Even the name of the last execution link that ran would be enough to troubleshoot an error.

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