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Is there a way get localized text in a specific language?

I have a requirement where in my service activity I want to return the localized value of pyStatusWork property of a case in Dutch language. I have the translation in place but if I use the function @Utilities.getLocalizedText("Resolved-Cancelled", "pyStatusWork", tools) it returns me value Resolved-Cancelled which is in ruleset XYZ and not value Verzoek ingetrokken which is in ruleset XYZ_nl. I know that this happens because my service requestor does not have XYZ_nl in it's ruleset stack. My question is there any OOTB way to get localized value in a specific language by passing a parameter like locale/language?

Or is there a way to look for java code behind function getLocalizedTextForString which is used by above mentioned rule utility function?

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