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Leshan Chathuranga (Leshan_C)
Associate Consultant
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Posted: May 6, 2020
Last activity: May 20, 2020

Is there a way to identify Integration rules created using Wizard?

We are working on identifying rules which are created using Integration Wizards.

We have compared wizard generated rules with manual created, but we couldn't find any mechanism to uniquely identify wizard generated one separately.

  • Compared table column values
  • Compared Rule XML
  • Compared Rules Clipboards pages

The only findings are

  • Some rule types have generated key word in its name (example: Service SOAP generated by the wizard - SoapServiceName (generated)), but we can't consider it since "generated" tag not available for all the rule types which are generated through wizards.
  • Most of the wizard generated rules Last Added DateTime and Last Updated DateTime are same since rule create and update at same time with millisecond difference, but we can't consider this also since for some rules those two values are different in seconds (example: wizard generated rule Last Added DateTime: 2020-05-05 23:27:13.983 and Last Updated DateTime: 2020-05-05 23:27:14.080 because of 97 millisecond difference the time change for 1 second)

Is there any mechanism to identify these kind of integration rules created using Wizard?

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