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Sudha Sundeep Dornadula (SudhaSundeepD)
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Posted: October 13, 2015
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Is there a way to render Page lists in to tables dynamically without using Grid Repeat Layouts ?


As part of custom requirement, we are triggering dynamic SELECT query (as per the user conditions) to external table to get respective properties/fields in the response.

For Example :

If Option A is selected in dropdown and clicked Submit ==> application triggers SELECT CaseID, CustomerName, ApplicationName from TABLE_A

If Option B is selected in dropdown and clicked Submit ==> application triggers SELECT CustomerEmail, CustomerPhoneNumber, ApplicationName from TABLE_B

These fields are stored in the form of Pagelist. We have tried below approaches to display the fields dynamically, but each one has its own limitations of reusability.

  • Create a HTML Fragment and use JSP tags to render the properties in the form of table.
    • Limitations :
    1. Able to loop PageList using <pega:forEach> tag, but unable to display the properties in each page dynamically without valid property reference.
    2. $This-value argument in <p:r> is displaying the values of the properties without property reference, but the order in which these fields are getting displayed is not constant.
    3. Unable to use $This-value for PageList, as this is working fine only for a Page but not Pagelist.
    4. If referring the property in the form, we need to create the property in the class. This is not allowing to create a reusable HTML fragment , as we need to create set of properties for each SELECT query.
  • Create GridRepeatingLayout and refer the pagelist to display.
    1. Need to create all the properties that we receive from response and associate them to the property fields. No reusability, as we need to create individual layouts for each response.

Can any one suggest if there is any way to render the response fields (Readonly) in to a table (as shown below) without creating property references. Therefore making that reusable for all the responses we recieve.

Like for Option A :

Case ID Customer Name Application Name

Like for Option B:

Customer Email Customer Phone Number Application Name

Hope I am clear with my above description. Please let me know if you need any details.

Thanks in Advance.


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