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Ticket invocation from stage based case management


We have a scenario where a casetype lands at stage 3 first(at a step) and a user takes an action on the flow, which puts it back to stage 2(that has a single step flow).

We are supposed to resolve the case when we process an inbound event through a service rule configured in pega. The single step flow at stage 2 has  a ticket associated with a changestage step, which is supposed to land the case into the final stage that resolves the case altogether.

However this doesn't work as expected currently .  We used setticket activity . We also tried using obj-set-tickets, however the ticket is not getting invoked and the case is not getting resolved.

This works good when the case is at stage 3 and we get an inbound event( flow associated with stage 3 also has the ticket shape associated with the change stage smart shape pointing to the last stage).

Basically, if the stage hasn't changed when the inbound event arrives, the ticket is getting set properly and it branches properly and it works as expected. However, if the stage transition has happened atleast once through user interactions and then when the service tries to set the ticket, it doesn't work as expected. Has anyone come across this issue?

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