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Posted: March 31, 2021
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Time Complexity for IsInPageList/ IsInPageListWhen

What will be the time complexity of the function IsInPageList/ IsInPageListWhen?

I have case such That I have Pagelist (Records.pxResults) which may have around 1000 records.

In the activity i am checking if record with certain combinations are present then continue the step to Apply-DataTransform where we go to each record and set one particular parameter as comma separated values otherwise skip step

 Step-1: (When condition with IsInPageList/ IsInPageListWhen)

     Step 1.1: Apply-DataTrasform- (Will take O(n) time )

My concern is if IsInPageList/ IsInPageListWhen has O(n) time complexity it makes no sense to put the when condition and i can directly call data transform each time. if it takes constant time then it saves time.

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