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Tracing unauthenticated requestor accessing through PRServletContainerAuth

We are trying to implement SSO using container based authentication (PRServletContainerAuth) in our application on Pega v8.3 hosted on Websphere server.

we have specialized the EstablishOperator activity and this activity is perfectly exceuted at the moment.

By adding log messages in the activity we have verified that it is called from SSO URL

However, we're not able to trace this activity and all processes being called from it. We want to debug it in order to add our authorization logic.

I could not get much relevant content around this.

Steps that I have ensured are as further,

- EstabishOperator and related sub activities are specialized in a separate unauthenticated ruleset.

- There is a separate unauthenticated access group created and an unauthenticated application version which has this unauthenticated ruleset in its stack.

- The "<systemname>.BROWSER" requestor type instance points to this specific unauthenticated access group.

- Using the <url>/prweb/PRServletContainerAuth in a separate browser session and trying to trace the requestor.

- Verified that the "unauthenticated ruleset" is listed in the tracer rulesets list. 


I have not done any specific configuration in prconfig.xml.

Is there something I have missed to configure in order for the tracer to trace this events ?

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