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Posted: December 14, 2016
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Transitioning between cases is generating second tab instead of reusing the existing one

I am working with CSHC 7.21 and am having trouble getting it to transition from one case to another within the same tab within the interaction portal. Here is the setup:

I am creating a new non-interaction case within the interaction portal. After the first step in the non-interaction process, I am creating an instance of an interaction based class, an outbound interaction. After I create the new interaction case, I save its pzInsKey to the originating case. Then, within the originating case's process flow, I am having the originating case run a flow on the child case (not as a spin off). Outside of CPM, what normally would happen is that the work object would be replaced with the work object from the subflow and I would be automatically working on the subflow. When the subflow steps were complete, the system would automatically transition back to the originating case and resume the original flow at the next step after the one where the child case's flow was launched.

In CPM, what is happing is that the originating case is being left open with a review type harness and a task on the left that allows me to close the work object. The new case is being opened on a separate tab. What I want to have happen is that the new case replaces the old case in the portal and that I don't see the new case until I finish the child flow.

I have tried some of the suggestions on other posts related to Calling CAClearAllClipboards and CPMClearPortalRecent, but the originating tab will not auto close or auto replace itself with the content from the subflow.

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